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bright white replacement soffits and fascias on a sheffield home refecting the summer suun

JPW are premiere suppliers and installers of replacement fascias and soffits in Sheffield and Chesterfield.Only the finest materials and the latest technologies go into our soffits and fascias. Established for over 30 years we have many years experience in supplying and installing many types of soffits and fascias.

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Soffits And Fascias Manufacture

Soffits and fascias manufactured to ISO 9001/2 Quality standards and with British Board of Agrément certificate which confirm our soffits and fascias will retain their decorative qualities for in excess of 20 years with only minor changes in its appearance.

Much less flammable than timber

A complete range of low-maintenance soffits and fascias that can transform the look of your home.

Never: paint. No warp, rot, flake or cracking.

Soffits And Fascias Benefits

  • Kite marked, BBA Approved
  • Unconditional Ten Year Guarantee
  • Low Maintenance Upvc / Pvcu Frames
  • Wide Range Of Colours And Styles
  • Colour Matching Service
  • Completely Encase Your Roof
  • Thermally Insulated Polycarbonate Roofing System

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Soffits And Fascias Options

Our wide range of soffits and fascias come in a variety of colours, finishes and moulding designs to suit all needs and will be precisely cut to fit your individual home.

Encase your roof.

Soffits And Fascias Repairs

We can usually repair most problems with your soffits and fascias. From a simple breakage to a complete replacement our experts will have your soffits & fascias fixed in no time and for a very reasonable price.

  • A Huge Selection Of

    close up of soffits fascias from underneath showing the complely sealed system with vents for breathing

    Soffits And Fascias

  • Completely Encase

    close up of soffits fascias on a small chesterfield bungalow

    Your Roofline

  • Soffits And Fascias

    distance view of a high peak roof finished off with lovely cream and beige soffits fascias in sheffield

    On Any Building

  • Unconditional Ten Year

    very modern front ground view of soffits and fascias on a dronfield family home


  • Established Over

    close up zoom of a residential two storey home with soffits and fascias installed by jp windows sheffield

    30 Years

  • Designed To

    close up upper view of fascias and soffits in crisp white underneath a now sealed sheffield roofline system


  • Manufactured From The

    a wonderful conservatory including matching soffits on this chesterfield design

    Best Materials

Enhance Your Home With Soffits And Fascias

Very few small home improvements can have such a dramatic visual impact on the look of your home as professionally installed soffits and fascias.

a sheffield home sporting new soffits and fascias installed by our specialists

Our high quality upvc / pvcu soffits and fascia replacements will significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, creating a much cleaner, smarter finish. We only use superior materials and by replacing your soffits and fascias with uPVC, you benefit from the latest low maintenance technologies and they are easy to clean.

Help protect your roof space from the ingress of water. We cover Sheffield and Chesterfield.

Fascia And Soffits That Breath

Our entire range of fascias and soffits are designed to naturally breath while protecting your roofline from the elements. This helps prevent moisture build up that can result in rot.

fascias and soffits 10 year guarantee

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10 Year Guarantee On All Our Fascias And Sofits

Soffits & Fascias

What Are Soffits And Fascias

Located along the edge of the eaves of your property soffits and fascias prevent rainwater and small animals and insects from entering your roof. If un-protected, your roof rafters and joists will need continuous repairing in order to counteract the effects of weather exposure. This can be very costly and time consuming. superior fascias will help protect the ends of roof rafters, whilst soffits will help keep your roofs overhang in perfect condition.

Top 5 Reasons For Soffits And Fascias:

  1. Damp Prevention
  2. Stops Condensation
  3. Dramatically Reduces Decay
  4. Visually Stunning
  5. Very Low Maintenance

Soffits And Fascias Installation

Expert installation of soffits and fascias in Sheffield and in Chesterfield. When installing your fascias and soffits we don’t just install over any existing rotting timber, fascias or soffits without actually repairing them. This would only hide your problems.

A true finish to your roof.

If your fascias and soffits are damaged, rotting or in need of repair, we provide a professional soffits and fascias replacement service

Full ten year guarantee.

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Need Soffits And Fascias In Sheffield?

If you need your soffits and fascias replacing in Sheffield or soffits and fascias in Chesterfield call us for a free quotation or free advice on: 01246 411542. We are based in Dronfield, Chesterfield right next to Sheffield.

Call us on: 01246 411542

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